Drama Queen: Yasmine Abdul Aziz preparing for new mini-series

Published January 28th, 2013 - 07:44 GMT
The usually funny Yasmine is about to get serious, at least for one mini-series.
The usually funny Yasmine is about to get serious, at least for one mini-series.

Actress Yasmine Abdul Aziz is preparing for a new miniseries due to air this coming Ramadan. It was the premise of the series that attracted her, adding that that the role she will play is different than the usual goofy gals her career has been built upon.

Instead, this miniseries is one of suspense and drama which will surely throw her adoring fans for a curve.

Aside from the TV series, the Egyptian starlet  is also currently preparing for a new movie role in a children’s comedy - with a twist. Yasmine said that she is more than aware that a huge portion of her fans is the youth of Egypt. This is why she tries to get on their good side when choosing a role and present something new that would put a smile on thier faces.

She elbaorated that this is not always easy because according to her, pleasing children is quite the challenge. As for the twist, she says fans will just have to wait and see.

In other Yasmine news, she has expressed her delight to the reactions and box office returns of her new movie," Miss Mami", which has thus far made close to 24 million dollars.

The movie also features Hassan Al Radad, Lutfi Labeeb, Ghassan Mattar, Mohammad Lutfi, Hisham Ismail, Eman Sayed, Ahmad Fouad, Sa'ed Al Sagheer, and Suleiman Eid. It was written by Khalid Jalal, directed by Wael Ihsan and produced by Ahmad and Kareem Sabki.



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