'You Are Not Beautiful, You Look Filipino'! May Aleidan Makes RACIST Comments About Sherine (Video)

Published December 11th, 2019 - 10:35 GMT
May started her attack saying: "Sherine Abdel Wahab is not willing to learn"
May started her attack saying: "Sherine Abdel Wahab is not willing to learn"

Social media users shared a clip of Kuwaiti journalist May Aleidan from her show Kashf Hsab, in which she mercilessly attacked Egyptian songstress Sherine Abdel Wahab.

"Sherine Abdel Wahab is not willing to learn. God gave her a talent larger than Soviet Union, and gave her a narrow mind that is not worth an onion, as Egyptians say," May said in her attack.

Aleidan continued: "Everytime you hold a concert you ruin it and leave, then you claim that you are being tyrannized."

May didn't stop there. She brought up Sherine's marriage suggesting that her husband singer Hussam Habib will leave her after 2 years.

May went on to make a racist reference in her attack. 

"Now seriously without getting upset, you look Filipino, and not a beautiful one. I swear to God you look like Filipino with a Filipino style," May continued.

Aleidan concluded her attack by saying: "whoever hurts others, needs to be hurt!"


#مي_العيدان من شنو يشكي الشكل الفلبيني .. سؤال او ليس كل البشر خلقة رب العالمين ولا فرق بين عربي و اعجمي الا بالتقوى .. وهل الشكل الفلبيني شتيمة واذا اعتبرناه شتيمة انت تظنين انك جميلة مثلا .. بعد كل التجميل اللي سويتيه ما يظهر منك الا سواد قلبك و قبح عنصريتك و بشاعة حقدك و حسدك .. اما ما يخص #شيرين ورغم اني لا اتفق مع اسلوب العيدان جملة و تفصيلا الا ان شيرين جابته لنفسها @mayal3eidankwt #شرطة_مشاهير_الخليج #شرطة_المشاهير . . . . . #احلام #اليسا #نانسي_عجرم #اصالة #هيفاء_وهبي #دكتورة_خلود #خلود_امين #خلود_الصغيرة #فرح_الهادي #فرح_عقيل #روان_بن_حسين #مودل_روز #فوز_الفهد #نهى_نبيل #العراق #امل_العوضي #اكسبلور #سناب #مشاهير_سناب #مقاطع #السعودية#البحرين #الامارات #لبنان #سوريا #مصر

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Sherine had previously been criticized during her Riyadh Season concert, where she made controversial statements while she was on stage.

People were upset with Abdel Wahab at the time because she had told women to listen to their husbands.

Sherine responded to those critics by teasing them: "okay these men are like sugar and honey. I don't know why they were upset, I'm sure they are only a bunch of spinsters."

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