Azhar Sheikhs caught with Yousra!

Published May 13th, 2012 - 01:09 GMT
Yousra embarrasses the Azhar
Yousra embarrasses the Azhar

Azhar - the revered Islamic mosque - gets scandalized by the surfacing of photos of senior officials posing with celebrity 'Yousra'. Dr. Ahmad Al Khatib, Sheikh of esteemed and austere institution Al Azhar Mosque, denounced two members of his senior staff for their appearance in photographs alongside the famous actress Yousra.  

The picture was published by one of the national newspapers, and shows these figures of the highest degree of Islamic authority authority in the community posing alongside the famous actress Yousra. 

Both Dr. Mahmmoud Al Azib and Shiek Mohammad Mustafa Jamiyeh - the general director of information - were reprimanded for their act which was seen to have brought shame on the most respectable of Islam's theological institutions.  Al Azhar is often looked to as an authority for Islamic decrees. It is the leading light of the Muslim world.

Too glamorous for Islam

It hardly helped that Yousra is cited by Wikipedia as being 'a glamor icon for the Middle East' who has peaked in stardom to a point "where anything she has to say will be heard by more people and to greater effect than even those in authority".

Ever since this photo came to light, Al Khatib has decided to prevent the guilty parties from representing himself or Al Azhar in any event. Sources reveal that they have both been relieved of their respective duties since their 'exposure'.

Too close for comfort?

The partners in photo-crimes appeared in full Kodac moment poses. According to "Al Anba'a" newspaper, a smiling Al Azib appeared to be right behind the actress, Yousra in the photograph, while Jamiyeh held onto the ceremonial ribbon which the actress was about to cut.

Dr. Mohammad Al Shahat Al Jundi, a member of the Islamic research council, criticized the behavior of the two Sheiks, or Muslim clerics. MBC's website quotes Al Jundi as saying, "Their participation in the ceremony lends the 'entertainment industry' a sort of legitimacy, and gives credibility to the event they participated in inaugurating.





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