Zayn Malik filming 'Ocean's Eight' cameo with Kim Kardashian

Published January 19th, 2017 - 05:12 GMT
Zayn with his gf Gigi Hadid at the Met Gala 2016. (Screenshot)
Zayn with his gf Gigi Hadid at the Met Gala 2016. (Screenshot)

Former One Direction singer Zayn Malik impressed movie producers with his appearance at the Met Gala in New York last year and nabbed a cameo in the upcoming 'Ocean's Eight' movie.

The 24-year-old singer is currently filming the star-studded blockbuster - which centres on a jewellery heist at a fake Met Gala event with Kim Kardashian West as the intended target - in New York City, but producers feared Kim would drop out after she was robbed at gunpoint in Paris last October.

Movie bosses turned their attention instead to the former One Direction star and reworked the script to accommodate him and a string of A-list celebrities, including Rihanna, model Hailey Baldwin, tennis star Maria Sharapova and Kylie Jenner's rapper boyfriend Tyga.

A source said: "Originally it was Kim Kardashian with the lead celebrity role. But after Paris producers didn't expect her to turn up, so the script was rewritten to accommodate other celebrities including Zayn."

The film also features a host of Hollywood stars, such as Olivia Munn, Sandra Bullock, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, and Cate Blanchett.

The source added to the Daily Star newspaper: "It's an old fashioned caper. Plenty of laughs, with some great celebrity cameos."

And movie bosses were delighted Kim, 36, fulfilled her commitment and turned up for work on the set of the film.

An insider revealed: "We were surprised Kim showed up for filming. She had seemed totally traumatised by her Paris robbery. But then she'll still appear in a movie that glamorises a jewellery heist."

The movie is directed by Gary Ross and sees Matt Damon reprise his role as Linus Caldwell from the 'Oceans' franchise.

Matt stars alongside newcomers Damian Lewis - who rose to fame in 'Homeland' - 'The Late Late Show' host James Corden and Richard Armitage.

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