Jordan Commercial Bank to apply Iris Recognition System

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Published January 16th, 2011 - 10:07 GMT

As an application to the strategic plan pursued by Jordan Commercial bank in utilizing the cutting edge technologies in banking and financial industry, and keeping up with the latest developments in the financial sector, and as a goal to develop customer service according to more secure standards, the bank recently launched the Iris Recognition System in some of  its branches to perform all financial transactions without the need to use the personal identification card for the customer.   

Via this project, the customer services desk will identify the new and existing customers to this system for the first time only and then, they can utilize the ease of use for this system in all financial transactions without the need to use the personal identification card, where once the customer iris was scanned by the system all the customers' related information will be displayed on the customer service employee screen. 

This system is considered the most secured one in terms of confidential information while older systems that is the secret number dependents could be easily hacked, but this system which depend on scanning the eye Iris is more secure according to the impossibility of  counterfeiting the eye's iris in any way.

In this regard Dr. Jawad Hadid CEO/GM of Jordan Commercial Bank said" the application process for system appear as a respond to reduce the counterfeiting, monument, hacking operations, and therefore maintain the customers safety which is considered the mission of the bank and the milestone of its development, and to save time and effort to customers in all of their financial transactions via this system. 

Its worthy to note that Jordan Commercial Bank considered a pioneer in providing the latest and cutting edge technologies in the banking and financial sector.

Background Information

Jordan Commercial bank

Jordan Commercial Bank was originally established in 1977 under the name Jordan-Gulf Bank (JGB). In 2004 JGB was restructured administratively and financially and its name was changed to Jordan Commercial Bank with a radical development. The bank currently conducts its business via 30 branches in Jordan and 4 branches in Palestine. The paid capital amount is 120 million JD and a total equity of 149,540,601 JD.

Jordan Commercial Bank offers its corporate, retail, and investment clients with customized high quality competitively priced financial solutions. Through both its' ever-increasing and regularly enhanced range of cutting-edge banking solutions and its' efficient distribution channel, The Bank is committed to delivering tailored world-class products and services that reward its' stakeholders, customers, and its personnel. 

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