Asalah Nasri’s brother disowns her

Published March 24th, 2011 - 09:41 GMT

After a series of family and professional disputes, Ayham Nasri, brother of Syrian singer Asalah Nasri, announced publicly that he has disowned her as a sister.


“I have reached a point where I feel nothing toward her,” said Ayham.


During an interview with the monthly magazine “Zahrat Al Khaleej,” (Flower of the Gulf) Ayham said that he is paying a price for Asalah’s fame, and that Asalah took advantage of his good heart to achieve selfish goals.


Ayham revealed that in 1998 he forged a signature to break a contract between Asalah and the production company ‘Al Fursan’ to allow Asalah to sign with production company ‘Rotana’.


Ayham publicly attacked Asalah when she married Egyptian director Tareq Al Arian, accusing her of not caring about her children from her first marriage. The attack was the beginning of the deterioration of their relationship.


Ayham said that Asalah named her son Khaled after a wealthy businessman that financially supported her with US$1 million. In addition, Ayham said that his sister intends on naming her unborn child after a wealthy Qatari man that is also supporting her financially.


Ayham said that their mother does not speak to him and is on Asalah’s side, since she receives monetary support from Asalah.


Ayham also denied accusations made by Asalah that he is a drug addict, and asserts that a good portion of his unpaid debt was accrued by his sister’s spending.




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