Kinda Alloush against drama about Syrian revolution

Published March 22nd, 2012 - 05:31 GMT
Kinda Alloush
Kinda Alloush

Syrian actress Kinda Alloush said that she is against presenting television dramas about the current Syrian revolution, especially ones that tackle the subject in a satirical manner.


Kinda said that the conditions in Syria should not be taken lightly and it is very inappropriate to portray the conditions in a way that shows insensitivity to people’s sufferings for the purpose of making a few laughs. She added that the sufferings of the people of Syria is not a joking matter and must be looked at in a more serious manner, especially since events are escalating and becoming worse by the day.


According to the internet website, Kinda also stated that she is against any new work about the revolution because it creates mixed feelings among people. The actress sent out a message to all actors and drama makers to avoid creating works about the topic and be considerate of the families of victims.



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