For the sake of Asalah, hackers hack Shireen’s website

Published January 9th, 2011 - 09:47 GMT
Asalah Nasri
Asalah Nasri

Fans of Syrian singer Asalah Nasri hacked the official website of Egyptian singer Shireen Abd Al Wahab in protest of the recent decision made by the Egyptian Musician Union to ban Asalah in Egypt. The union had banned Asalah due to her disputes with Shireen and Egyptian musician Hilmi Baker.


The hackers had placed a large poster of Asalah on Shireen’s website and resented that she may be behind the decision to forbid Asalah from singing in Egypt. Hackers had described Shireen as not being fit to be a symbol of Egyptian music because according to them her history is not honorable enough, reported the internet website


The head of the union, Muneer Al Wasmi, had released a decision last month to ban Asalah from performing in Egypt until she undergoes investigation for a lawsuit filed against her by Hilmi. The decision also included that Asalah’s recent inappropriate remarks on an entertainment program on television about Shireen showed that she has no respect for Egyptian singers.


Asalah had stated that the decision to ban her was very unjust and she never insulted any Egyptian values or symbols. She added that her personal opinion of someone should not give rise to such an unfair decision.

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