Translation Hitch in 'Fatima' Hampers Arab Understanding

Published April 18th, 2012 - 02:15 GMT
Fatima has stormed the Arab-Turkish axis of soap!
Fatima has stormed the Arab-Turkish axis of soap!

Translation problems in the Turkish soap 'Fatima' have hampered understanding in the Arab world audience who are watching the dubbed version.

In a recent  episode (as per Arab world viewing via MBC4) of the Turkish series “Fatima”, Karim rushes out of the house looking very angry and distraught after trying to comfort Fatima, assuring her that he would never try to get close to her while she was left alone in the house, his mother and her brother were travelling to the village to sell their houses. She then yells at him and says that she is not scared of him in any case, and he couldn't touch her even if he wanted to.

Karim’s reaction to this conversation was not understandable to the audience and came across very weird, or disproportianate, but for those who arere watching the translated Turkish series on YouTube, Karim’s reaction was justified and clear.

The problem rests not in the plot of the series itself nor in the direction. The trouble is in the inaccurate translation. The correct translation for what Fatima said to Karim is “you wouldn't be able to do it yourself” alluding more than subtly to his alleged 'role' in 'gang'-raping her with his friends. (In fact, Karim was the innocent among his male friends)

It is worth mentioning that the Turkish Parliament demanded to stop this series after the first episodes were aired on TV channels because of the gang rape scene that they deemed inappropriate. However, just like every other Turkish series that has aired on MBC, “Fatima” gained huge following in the Arab world despite the translation hitches.   

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