Why are Egyptians trolling Qatar's Prince Tamim?

Published November 27th, 2016 - 12:50 GMT
The Egyptian army is among the strongest in world (Wikimedia Commons)
The Egyptian army is among the strongest in world (Wikimedia Commons)

#WeWillHitTamimWithAShoe has been trending on Twitter, as Egyptians attack the Qatari Prince Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani.

The social media anger follows the release of a promotional trailer for a documentary entitled “Conscripts...Stories of Enforced Enlistment in Egypt” by Qatar-based channel, Al Jazeera. When broadcast, the program will present the story of a number of soldiers who claim to have been mistreated while undertaking compulsory military service.

In response, enraged Egyptians mocked Qatar’s military capacity and insulted their Prince in tweets that have been liked and retweeted hundreds of times:

At the Military Academy we had a patrol course of 88 km. Hahahaha. Qatar is only 32 km in size. 

I bring you good news: Trump is going to withdraw American troops from Qatar… and Tamim will have to pay plane fuel for the flight back.

We are Egyptians, you shoes. Have you forgotten yourselves or what? (picture reads: The Egyptian Military is honour)

The army of Qatar are waiting with plastic bags to collect the shoes of Egyptians that will rain down on the head of Prince Tamim “son of shoes”

High-profile Egyptians also got involved in the name-calling. Tamer Moneim, a writer and broadcaster wrote in a tweet which has been liked over a thousand times that: 

 If this film offending the Egyptian army is shown on Al-Jazeera, Qatar will have opened a grave for itself, and we will bury them. Don't be sad, it remains the case that we will #WeWillHitTamimWithAShoe

In a program broadcast on Egyptian satellite channel “Al Nahar Al Yowm”, presenter Asma Mustafa made a smouldering attack upon Qatar, concluding by joking that “a country that doesn’t know how to put together a national football team, how on earth will they create an army!”

Some, however, criticized the curses and abuse:

Military service is compulsory for young men in Egypt, who typically serve up to three years, depending on educational level. The army has almost half-a-million soldiers, and is a great source of pride to Egyptians. Current President, General Abdel Fateh el-Sisi is the latest in a long line of Egyptian leaders with a military background.


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