The internet attempts to decipher Trump's #covfefe

Published May 31st, 2017 - 09:33 GMT
#covfefe (File/Photo)
#covfefe (File/Photo)

 The internet is definitely no stranger to Trump's famous twitter gaffs, but #covfefe has really left the twitter-sphere in a state of absolute chaos and confusion. 


Here is Al Bawaba's roundup of the internet's best reactions to #cofveve. 

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Some believe it's his stage name..


Urban Dictionary had their own definition lined up. 

If only. 

 GIF's galore...



Glad that one's been cleared up. 

Of course there were one or two 'coffee' puns, covfefe, coffee, geddit? 

After removing the original post from his twitter page, a few hours later Trump posted the following tweet: 


How bizarre.... 

Sahar Esfandiari 


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