Marine Le Pen refuses to don a hijab for the Lebanese Grand Mufti - Arabs react

Published February 21st, 2017 - 03:01 GMT
Marine Le Pen [AFP/File]
Marine Le Pen [AFP/File]

The conservative French politician, Marine Le Pen, cancelled her meeting with the Grand Mufti of Lebanon on the grounds that she refused to wear a veil in front of himor anyone else, for that matter.

So, what are Arabs saying on social media about this so-called statement?

One Twitter user couldn’t figure out the logic behind it:

Why is Marine Le Pen refusing to put on a head covering before meeting the Grand Mufti of Lebanon when European leaders and officials do so before meeting the Pope?

Another user seemed satisfied about Le Pen's cancellation, but for an unexpected reason:

Marine Le Pen’s refusal to wear the veil and to enter the Dar al-Fatwa does not excuse Grand Mufti Daryan --this is payback for when he insulted Muslims by agreeing to host her [in the first place].

In one tweet, someone claimed that Le Pen refusing to wear the veil was her trying to cause drama to further her own political agenda.

It’s clear that [Le Pen] is just coming [to Lebanon] to foment chaos and ignite delusional battles for political, ulterior motives related to elections in her country.

He goes on to state, Those tricks work in Europe, not Lebanon.

However, one person actually respected Le Pen’s choice to stay bare-headed:

Don’t trust in a religious figure who, afraid of a woman’s hair, demands [she wear] the veil in his presence, knowing full well she will take it off as soon as she leaves.

The user adds, I don’t blame Marine Le Pen, because someone's convictions cannot be forced upon another person.

At the very least, the controversial, Islamophobia-driven move by Le Pen generated some pretty well-rounded, thoughtful responses. Good job, Arab Twitter!


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