'Sweetheart' Netanyahu Just Visited Amman. Here's How Jordanians Reacted.

Published June 19th, 2018 - 10:51 GMT
The latest public meeting held between Jordan's King Abdullah II and Israel's PM Benjamin Netanyahu in 2014. (File Photo/ AFP)
The latest public meeting held between Jordan's King Abdullah II and Israel's PM Benjamin Netanyahu in 2014. (File Photo/ AFP)

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived on Monday afternoon in Amman on a secret flight to meet Jordan’s King Abdullah II for a short visit, in which they discussed developments and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The visit that was officially announced later on the Royal Hashemite Court twitter account, came in a sensitive time while Jordan is facing regional and global pressures to submit to the latest changes decisions on Jerusalem, which put Jordan in the face of economic challenges triggered protests around the country.

As expected, the visit was met with a public outcry among Jordanians on social media and in the Jordanian street.

Translation: “Don’t let the World Cup matches make you forget that our sweetheart and cousin Netanyahu [sarcastically] was on a secret visit in Amman yesterday and it was announced later. We are beloved and friends and our blood is thicker than Vemto [instead of blood is thicker than water]. And Kushner is coming as well after netanyahu to finalize their surprise cook [secret plan]. Hopefully it will be great surprise for all.”

Translation: “Today, a Palestinian man died after being attacked by Israel near the border siege on Gaza eastern borders. And today we receive Netanyahu in Amman. A million slaps on the faces of each one of us, two weeks after we went out to streets to defend our dignity and now the Israeli is on our land.”

Some Jordanians related the visit to the latest peace deal being discussed between US, Israeli and some Arab leaders.

Mahmoud Refaat, an Egyptian politician and journalist tweeted:

Translation: “The Royal Hashemite Court recieves today the Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu in Amman. Pressures on Jordan by Saudi Arabia and UAE to accept the “deal of the century” are horrible. However, if Jordan relented, it will be faced by a repetition of the 1917 disaster, when Arabs fought Turkish Muslims by the name of Jihad and handed Jerusalem to Britons.”

It also comes in a time when the US President’s advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner is anticipated to visit the Middle East in the coming few days, raising several concerns over the aim behind the visit and expectations for what is coming next.

Following the latest protests triggered in the country, several Gulf countries were seen trying to approach Jordan by helping it to get over latest economic crisis. The latest were held with Saudi officials at Mecca summit as well as another meeting with Qatar’s officials.

Relations between Jordan and Israel have been unusually strained during the last year, following an incidient at the Israeli embassy in Amman, as well as the decision to move the Israeli embassy to Jerusalem.

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