Amidst Calls to Resign! Trump to Make Last Visit to The Mexican Wall

Published January 11th, 2021 - 12:21 GMT
His visit to one of the biggest promises of his presidency comes as Democrats will move to vote as early as Wednesday on impeachment. (AFP)
His visit to one of the biggest promises of his presidency comes as Democrats will move to vote as early as Wednesday on impeachment. (AFP)
President Donald Trump will travel to Alamo, Texas on Tuesday for a final trip surveying his southern border wall.

Donald Trump will make a final trip as president to his famed southern border wall in Alamo, Texas - named after the San Antonio mission - on Tuesday as he continues to face calls from all sides to resign following his supporters' siege of the Capitol.

The president will celebrate the completion of 400 miles of border wall built during his administration in a promise he made to his supporters to make the immigration system more strict.

The visit is expected to be Trump's first public appearance since he addressed a crowd Wednesday near the White House as thousands of his supporters descended on Washington D.C. for a rally to protest and disrupt Congress certifying the election for Joe Biden that same day.

Trump was blamed for riling up the crowd, who, after his remarks, marched to Capitol Hill, breached the Capitol building and caused destruction and chaos throughout the halls, offices and chambers.

The protesters were able to delay Congress' action for around six hours and five were left dead – including one pro-Trump female protester who was shot in the chest and a Capitol Police officer.

Many of the president's closest allies have abandoned him during this time, including some administration officials resigning, like Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, who is married to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Jason Miller, a Trump campaign advisor and one of the president's remaining allies, lauded Trump's upcoming visit to the southern border wall.

'Trump to visit U.S.-Mexico border to laud border wall,' he tweeted Sunday along with a thumbs-up emoji and link to an article detailing the trip.

Trump's campaign for the presidency in 2016 focused extensively on his desire to construct a border wall.

He also promised that Mexico would pay for the wall, but it has been largely out of pocket for the U.S.


While most of the wall went up in areas that already had existing smaller barriers, the government has put millions into building hundreds of miles of fencing as high as 30 feet in a short amount of time.

Most of the wall has been completed this year as the president has sped up his timeline for construction as the election loomed.

The administration prioritized areas where the wall could be built more quickly.

While Trump makes his trip to Texas, Democrats in the House will move forward with holding a vote on impeachment as early as Wednesday.

Trump has taken the brunt of the blame for the unprecedented attack on the Capitol last week, with Democrats and Republicans claiming his words inciting the violence.

The president released a video Wednesday urging his supporters to go home as the situation on Capitol Hill escalated. The video was removed from Twitter and Trump was banned from the platform for 12 hours and given that time to delete the content.

After the ban, he returned to Twitter, posting complaints that the election was unfair, bashing Democrats and Biden and revealing, finally, that he would not attend inauguration on January 20.

He also released a video last week on Twitter condemning the violence at the Capitol.

Twitter indefinitely barred Trump from its platform and Facebook did the same – claiming the president would be locked out of his account until at least after inauguration.

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