Baghdad mall standoff over, 18 killed, 50 wounded

Published January 11th, 2016 - 07:10 GMT
Archival photo of Iraqi security forces. (AFP/File)
Archival photo of Iraqi security forces. (AFP/File)

AP reports that the standoff with gunmen at an east Bagdhad mall has concluded, with two gunmen dead and four in custody.

On Monday, a car bomb exploded outside Jawaher mall in the Shia neighborhood of Baghdad Jadida. Shortly after, gunmen stormed the mall.

According to AP, the inital analysis was that about 50 people were trapped inside the mall complex, creating a hostage situation. Iraqi forces surrounded the mall complex and landed on the roof to enter the facility.

The standoff lasted an hour and a half, and four policemen were killed in the assault. The total death total is at least 18, with over 50 people founded.

AP further reports that Iraqi authorities have shut down Baghdad's Green Zone and most major roads and gathering places. Authorities and Iraqi forces are prepared and patrolling to deter follow-up attacks.

Two other attacks on Monday night have rocked Iraq. A car bomb in southeast Baghdad hit a popular market and killed five. A suicide bomber and car bomb hit a casino area in Muqdadiya, killing 20.

There are unconfirmed reports that Daesh is claiming responsibilty for the Baghdad attacks.

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