Dohaland engages the community in traditional play this Ramadan

Dohaland engages the community in traditional play this Ramadan
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Published August 25th, 2010 - 07:29 GMT

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Local families and visitors were treated to an evening of traditional Qatari games, food and prizes when Dohaland organised a celebration of the traditional festival of 'Garangou' to mark the Ramadan period at The Heritage Village, Doha. Over 600 participants of all ages took part in the festivities of 'Garangou', a traditional Ramadan children's festival celebrated around the region.

The event, which forms part of the company's CSR program, was held on the 13th of Ramadan (August 23rd)at the heritage village between and witnessed a great turnout as local and expatriate families descended on the venue to sample traditional Qatari heritage and practices. A number of the heritage games played by past generations were highlighted with participants winning prizes, enjoying traditional food and many other activities. The festivities were accompanied by traditional songs, including the traditional 'Garangou' song.

"Everyone had such a great time! I think the kids enjoyed it because it is very different from what they do every day to entertain themselves watching TV or playing video games. This is much more interactive and the songs were great as well," said um Mohammed, a mother who brought her two children to the event.

Members of Dohaland's 'Future Affiliates Club', a CSR initiative by the developer that engages local youth and offers a chance to experience the work environment at Dohaland, were on hand to encourage visitors and children into the competitions and activities.

Speaking of the event, Jawaher Al Khuzaei, Communication Manager of Dohaland said, "We are delighted by this turnout, the success of the event asserts people's interest in learning about Qatari heritage and customs. It is also an opportunity for children to connect with their parents and grandparents who actually played these games. We will continue to promote Qatari heritage at Dohaland at all levels." 

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