Dubai police: Israel involved in vast falsification of travel documents

Published March 9th, 2010 - 03:06 GMT

Dubai's police chief accused Israel on Tuesday of "vast falsification" of travel documents, noting that dozens of false passports were discovered following a senior Hamas military leader's killing in the emirate.


"I ring alarm bells. Israel is falsifying Western passports on a large scale. We discover forged passports on a daily basis," Dahi Khalfan was quotde as saying by AFP. "The world must stop an operation of vast falsification of official documents (that) a formal body (Israel's spy agency Mossad) is carrying out," he added.


"It is shameful for the European countries that a country which claims to be a state of law is falsifying their passports," he said. "This is an unprecedented phenomenon for one country to forge the documents of another," he said, describing it as something which is "usually done by criminal gangsters, not states."


Khalfan conveyed that "Dubai police will continue its investigation and will unveil in the coming weeks how the Mossad forged dozens of (European) passports."


Meanwhile, Australia's foreign ministry announced Tuesday that there was a fourth Australian-passport holder on the Interpol list. Foreign Minister Stephen Smith said the suspect in the name of Joshua Krycer, had also been linked to the assassination. "Inquiries by the Australian Federal Police and the Australian Passport Office indicate the further passport presented in Dubai was fraudulently duplicated, as was the case with the initial three passports," Smith said.


"There is no information to suggest that Mr. Krycer, as with any of the other three Australian passport holders, was involved in any way, other than as victims of identity fraud," he said in a statement.

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