Evolis to demonstrate its innovative range of card printers at GITEX 2009

Published October 13th, 2009 - 03:41 GMT

Evolis, European leader in plastic card customization systems, continues to expand with new products and showcases its wide range of card printers at GITEX 2009 among which, Quantum, its new powerful dual-sided person<?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />alization system for high volume of plastic cards.


Quantum brings to the market the simplicity of a desktop printer combined with the power of industrial machines for centralized personalization. This system has been designed to deliver cards hand off, in a simple and flexible way. All organization needing to personalize cards in large quantities, from card manufacturers, to bureau services and even banks and universities will find in Quantum the best choice for their current and future needs.


The system includes a dual-sided printer for colour & monochrome cards. This market-proven printing module can release up to 1000 cards per hour in monochrome full card, including high resolution texts, logos, pictures and barcodes. The machine is divided into separate modules in order to speed up the process and manage different tasks (printing and encoding) at the same time. With Quantum, throughput is the key word! The machine is ‘delivered standard’ with a unique detachable and reversible encoding unit, in which you can combine magnetic, smart contact, contactless encoders. This exclusive feature gives notably the ability to print and encode the same side of the card without flipping it.


Quantum fits a wide array of market applications: ID & membership cards, loyalty cards, transport season cards, event passes, student cards, payment cards, SIM cards…


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Evolis Quantum


Dualys, the flagship simple & dual-sided color printers from Evolis will be demonstrated during the tradeshow. This printer makes it possible to print text, pictures, logos and barcodes, in monochrome or in a 4-color process. It is often the primary choice for security, identification, transportation or leisure applications as well as for loyalty programs that involves plastic card personalization.

It also benefits from many encoding options (Mag ISO and JIS2 magnetic encoding, smart contact or contactless cards) that help issue cards with multiple encoding technologies in a single run. Its compact design makes it a suitable printer to fit into any work environment, even at a counter or on desk. Dualys therefore, stands as convenient solutions to personalize cards in which the latest biometric technologies can be embedded. This solution thus brings a sound answer to all critical security requirements from users. The Dualys printer, just like all other Evolis printers, is known for its ease of installation and use, its premium printing quality, and for the wealth of its accessories and options.


Evolis also showcases a solution that further enhances plastic card security with holograms: the Securion, which comes with a dual-sided printing and laminating module. Securion is equipped with a dual-sided color-printing module and a lamination station. This printer stands as a powerful solution for issuing highly secure badges, at a high throughput (up to 120 cards per hour) and in a single pass.


The Securion integrated lamination device applies a transparent or holographic film through a hot roller technology, to cover the whole surface of the card. This process greatly extends the lifespan of any card and insulates it against data misuse.


The Securion printer is the ideal solution to personalize and durably protect secured badges. It scales to the demanding security requirements from governmental applications, whether for identity cards, identification badges, or driving licenses. Securion also complies with corporate security fundamentals, for identification in harbors, airports, hospitals, universities, and in sensitive areas that call for resilience and fraud-proof identification.

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