Following Hizbullah Attack, Israeli Planes Bomb South Lebanon Towns

Published April 6th, 2002 - 02:00 GMT

Hizbullah resumed Saturday evening its attacks on Israeli outposts, located in occupied Shebaa Farms. 


Three residents of the Arab village of Ghajar on the Lebanese-Israeli border, were injured , one of them seriously. Hizbullah also fired on two other posts along Israel's northern border, one in the Western Galillee area, and one in the mount Hermon area.  


Israeli jets and artillery hit targets across south Lebanon in retaliation for this latest attack. Israeli planes fired eight air-to-surface missiles on the Lebanese towns of Shebaa and Kfar Shuba, which border the Shebaa Farms, but there were no casualties, the Lebanese police said. 


Meanwhile, an eyewitness in Ghajar said two or three shells were launched at the village. One of the shells hit a house and injured three people, one of them seriously and two others lightly.  


Earlier, it was reported that U.N. peacekeepers found two ready-to-fire Katyusha rockets near a normally quiet section of the border with Israel on Saturday. 


Fijian soldiers found the weapons in a bush near the village of Beit Lif, about two miles north of the border, said Timor Goksel, a spokesman for the U.N. force in southern Lebanon. 


According to AP, The find comes a day after heavy fighting about 25 miles away in the disputed shebaa Farms area, where Hizbullah fired mortars and machine guns at Israeli troops. Israel responded with airstrikes and artillery fire. 


Hizbullah guerrillas have launched several attacks on Israeli positions in Chebaa Farms this week. 


Lebanese security officials said the Shebaa area was relatively calm Saturday, with Israeli troops firing about three shells across the border. (

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