GAM Studies Operating Facilities in Raghdan Touristic Complex

Published March 11th, 2010 - 02:03 GMT

Mayor of Amman, Omar Maani, said that Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) is planning to operate some of Raghdan touristic complex facilities soon, and this is expected to activate the commercial movement within a vision that suits the city center.

During the Mayor’s meeting with some tradesmen in Al Hashmi Street, he declared that GAM will develop the city center on a fast pace, as working on the Hashemite Plaza development project is running, and a tender is publicly announced to renovate King Faisal Plaza.

He pointed out that finishing Jabal Al Qal’aa development project promoted the touristic position and the historical value of the site, calling on the residents in that area to set up touristic facilities, conforming with the new place.

He emphasized that the projects implementation by GAM for the next two years will refresh and revive the city center, echoing the history and heritage of the place; these projects shall constitute a civilized move in different economic and touristic fields.

The Mayor pointed out that GAM plans to connect Jabal Al Qal’aa with the Roman Amphitheatre by a train, which will make AL Hashmi Street a destination for visitors and tourists.

He further stressed GAM’s understanding of the tradesmen conditions, highlighting that recession is overshadowing city centers of many countries worldwide, to the advantage of the surrounding neighborhoods. The Mayor attributed this to the emergence of malls and the change of purchasing habits in the first place.

In the presence of Deputy Director of Public works, and Deputy of the Region Director, the tradesmen commended GAM’s initiatives in the city center to remove all obstacles, and repair the sidewalks, as well as exempting them from the professional licenses fees.

The Mayor invited the tradesmen to participate in a meeting scheduled to be held soon to discuss and study proposals and demands that shall be of benefit to the public interest, stemming from GAM’s keenness on promoting the public participation in the decision making process, which will eventually strengthen the relationship between the citizen and the city. 

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