Greater Amman Municipality Warns Citizens on the Issue of Handmade Juices

Published September 17th, 2009 - 10:08 GMT

The Health and Vocational Control Department at the Greater Amman Municipality recently advised citizens to refrain from buying handmade juices that are usually manufactured at home during the Holy Month of Ramadan. The department said such juices lack the basic production conditions and health control.

Director of the department, Dr. Mervet Mheirat stressed GAM's commitment to protect its citizens by making this year's Ramadan a safe one and free from food poisoning. Such a goal, she said, can only be achieved by making citizens partners in the responsibility of protecting the public health and raising awareness.

It is worth mentioning that GAM has prepared informative brochures for citizens, enlightening them about the handmade juices. The brochures urge citizens to buy juices from the designated stores and restaurants, since the handmade juices are stored in insanitary containers under the hot weather.

The booklets include health and scientific information about juices, noting that fresh fruit, when squeezed out, should be purified from bacteria. A recent study by the Health and Vocational Control Department found that 43% of 310 samples taken from juices during Ramadan were contaminated with microbes.


Mheirat said that the reason behind choosing juices in the campaign is because they are on great demand by citizens during the holy month which comes this year in summer. She noted that most of the popular juices in Ramadan, like carob, licorice, tamarind, apricot, orange and lemon, are handmade.


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