Accept the Demands of Anti-Government Protesters: Iran's Deputy Speaker

Published December 31st, 2017 - 04:40 GMT
(Hamed Malekpour / AFP)
(Hamed Malekpour / AFP)

Iran’s deputy speaker of the parliament on Sunday said the Interior Ministry should accept public demands instead of “raising difficulties” in the wake of anti-government protests across the country.

According to the Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA), Motahari said that the demonstrations have deviated from their real purpose.

“The reason for this could be no meetings are allowed, and all kinds of demonstrations are called illegal by the interior ministry,” Motahari added.

Mohatari also said that public demonstrations were allowed in Iran's constitution -- provided they are not contradictory to Islamic rules and weapons are not used -- and that authorities should prepare an appropriate environment for the people to express their objections.

Meanwhile, Iran’s Interior Minister Abdolrahman Rahmani Fazli said that the "chaos" that has spread across the country in recent days will not benefit them and they will respond to those who disturb the peace of people.

He said many economic issues have been resolved by the steps taken by the government, parliament, and judiciary. “Our government, parliament and the judiciary are ready to take the necessary steps to meet the people's demands.”

Thousands of Iranians hit the streets in northeastern cities on Thursday to protest rising commodity prices and perceived government mismanagement. The protest then turned into a nationwide anti-government demonstration.

The Iranian Students News Agency quoted Mashhad Governor Mohammad Rahim Norouzian as saying that police had eventually dispersed the protests, while 52 demonstrators had been taken into custody.

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