Israel Attacked Iranian Targets Since Russian Plane Shot Down Says Tel Aviv Official

Published October 31st, 2018 - 10:40 GMT
An F-35B Lightning II fifth generation multi role combat aircraft. (AFP/File)
An F-35B Lightning II fifth generation multi role combat aircraft. (AFP/File)

Israel has attacked targets in Syria since the downing of a Russian intelligence plane in September, a high-ranking Israeli official has said, adding that coordination with Moscow continued as it did before the incident.

“It’s not true that Israel stopped striking targets inside Syria,” the official was quoted as saying on Monday night.

“The Israeli air force hit targets in Syria in the aftermath of the downing of the Russian plane off the Syrian city of Latakia last month,” he said.

Fifteen Russian airmen were killed on September 17 when the Ilyushin 20 airplane was mistakenly shot down by Syria's air defenses soon after an Israeli strike near the coastal Syrian city of Latakia.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at the time that Israel was “determined to halt Iran’s military entrenchment in Syria and the attempts ... to transfer to (Iranian-backed) Hezbollah, lethal weaponry (to be used) against Israel.”

Fox news said recently that American and western intelligence sources believe Iran has been increasing its shipments of advanced weaponry to Hezbollah, deliveries that now include Global Positioning System (GPS) components to make previously unguided rockets into precision guided-missiles, increasing the threat to Israel.

The report said a Boeing 747 jet has touched down in Syria’s capital Damascus before continuing on to Beirut, according to the flight tracker software.

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