Israeli Justice Minister Tells Trump Not to Waste Time and Roll Out Peace Plan

Published November 21st, 2018 - 02:08 GMT
US President Donald Trump. (AFP/ FILE PHOTO)
US President Donald Trump. (AFP/ FILE PHOTO)

In anticipation of the Trump administration’s rollout of its long-awaited peace plan, Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked she said that US should not waste its time, as the gaps between Israel and the Palestinians were too great to bridge.

Speaking at the Jerusalem Post Diplomatic Conference on Wednesday, Shaked also said that any deterrence Israel had against Hamas after the 2014 Gaza War was lost over the last two years.

Not only that, but Shaked is convinced that the current ceasefire will not hold more than a few months and said that when it breaks, Israel will likely have to use greater force than it has used in recent rounds of fighting.

Regarding the election standoff she and Bayit Yehudi had with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in recent days, Shaked said that “sometimes you win and sometimes you lose,” but that in principle, she still believed MK Naftali Bennett should have been appointed defense minister.

Bennett and Shaked had threatened to leave the government if he did not get the job, but then backed down when Netanyahu called their bluff.

The justice minister explained that Netanyahu is too busy as prime minister to give his full attention to the likewise crucial defense portfolio and issues relating to the IDF.

As to the future, she said she had “no idea” when the next election would be, beyond that it would be between March and the latest possible date of November 2019.

Shaked said the elections depended on the prime minister, and she made it clear that Bayit Yehudi has given up on forcing an early election.

Finally, she said that she would continue her campaign as justice minister to make Israel’s courts more conservative, having already appointed six of the current 15 Supreme Court justices and more than 300 of the court system’s 800 judges.

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