Israel's Army Carries Out a 'Ground Operation' in Neighbouring State

Published January 27th, 2022 - 09:43 GMT
Aviv Kochavi
Aviv Kochavi: Israel carried out a ground operation in a neighbouring country (AFP File Folder)

ALBAWABA - It is certainly a daring admission. Electronic websites and the social media is buzzing with the brief comment but it is stunning and dangerous just the same. 

The Israeli Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi came out and made the comment as more of a booster than anything else but it shows the Israelis - politicians and the military - are not only watching Arab states carefully but even preparing to intervene in their affairs in a quite manner and cryptically.

He said, reported more like as an indication that Israeli army forces carried out a ground operation deep inside an Arab country last month, in December 2021. And he got his orders right from the top.

Kochavi never mentioned names but the major-general said that his forces carried out the raid "deep" inside a neighbouring country. 

According to one Arab news website, he was speaking to Israeli youth, Wednesday, in a lecture, adding the Jewish soldiers carried out the operation "successfully" and "prevented harming civilian lives". 

His comments have been tweeted Jewish and Arabic websites as well as those in English with much speculation - almost to the point of knowing - about who country that is most certainty by Syria because of the so-called degree of Iranian presence there. 

This in itself is worrying because it may point to dangerous escalation, considering the fact that it is being reported that since the beginning of this year Israeli forces carried out three military operations deep inside Syrian territory and it is only know the media got to hear of it. That in itself means additional tensions will continue to rise.

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