Jordan ramps up security after fighting Daesh in Irbid

Published March 8th, 2016 - 01:00 GMT
Jordanian security forces in Irbid. (AFP/File)
Jordanian security forces in Irbid. (AFP/File)

Interior Minister Salameh Hammad on Monday said intensive efforts and continuous vigilance are needed to prevent a spillover of regional instability to Jordan as the current challenges in the region have put a "heavy" burden on the Kingdom's security, political and economic system.

Hammad, who was speaking at a meeting of the security council in Irbid, said the internal front should remain strong to protect Jordan's national interests, adding that security is the Kingdom's biggest asset, according to the Jordan News Agency, Petra. 

The visit of the interior minister to the northern city of Irbid came a few days after clashes between special security units and a Daesh-affiliated group that resulted in the killing of seven terrorists and the death of Major Rashed Zyoud, who was shot during the operation, while five of his colleagues were injured.  

Hammad said that all government agencies and Jordanians appreciate the quality work of Jordan Armed Forces – Arab Army and security apparatuses in protecting the security and stability of the country by responding to any threat to the safety of Jordanians or any one who seeks to disturb public order, Petra said. 

The minister cited the establishment of a directorate for combating radicalism and violence at the ministry in October last year, adding that setting up the unit is part of the efforts Jordan is making to eradicate "this disease". 

Security directors, who were attending the meeting, talked about a set of measures currently being implemented to face security challenges that include intensifying monitoring and inspection in some areas in addition to beefing up the presence of security cadres, Petra said.  

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