Lebanon’s Kurds march in solidarity with Kobani

Published July 6th, 2015 - 05:00 GMT

Hundreds of people from Lebanon’s Kurdish community marched in Beirut Sunday in solidarity with their fellow nationals fighting ISIS (Daesh) in northern Syria.

Carrying Kurdish flags and pictures of the incarcerated co-founder of the Kurdistan Workers' Party Abdullah Ocalan, demonstrators accused Turkey of supervising ISIS’s massacring of around 150 Kobani residents last week.

“Since the liberation of the city of Tal al-Abyad, the Turkish state launched a strong propaganda campaign against the victories of the democratic nation to create ethnic strife between Arabs and Kurds,” a statement by the protestors said.

“This proves that the [Turkish] policy of genocide against the Kurdish people goes on ... through ISIS’s mercenaries.”

They called on the international human rights bodies to “hold the Turkish government accountable for its crimes against humanity and civilians.”

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