Libya: Military makes advances against Daesh

Published February 22nd, 2016 - 05:00 GMT
Libyan army vehicles on standby. (Twitter)
Libyan army vehicles on standby. (Twitter)

Militant forces were forced to withdraw Sunday from several locations in Benghazi and the strategic port of Al-Meraysa, Libyan armed forces affiliated with the Tobruk parliament said.

The Libya army said it also regained control of the city of Agdabia, 150 km away from Benghazi.

Over the past months, Islamic militias, most notably the Daesh group, have taken advantage of the current political unrest in Libya to spread their forces into several cities in the oil rich country.

Conflict continues in Benghazi, with the leader of the Libyan army, Khalifa Hafter, having launched an operation against Islamists in 2014.

Regaining control of Al-Meraysa is considered a great strategic gain for the army, as militants were using it for arms supplies.

Violence in Libya persists as the UN tries to support a political process in order to end the conflict between the two warring parliaments.

The presidential council has formed a new national unity government, but Tobruk parliament is yet to vote on it.

UN envoy to Libya Martin Kobler headed to Tobruk on Sunday to urge the parliament to vote.

"The eyes of the people of Libya are on Tobruk. They expect a [Government of National Accord]. I am here in Tobruk today to help, not to interfere," said Kobler on his Twitter account.

Earlier this week, the United States began raids on Daesh locations in Libya after growing concern among world powers over Daesh gains, especially near oil facilities.

The raid killed 50 people, including two Serbian citizens who were kidnapped in Libya.

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