Maani: GAM Enhances Wastes Management Level to Maintain the City Cleanness

Published March 11th, 2010 - 02:05 GMT

Mayor of Amman, Omar Maani, stressed that Al Ghabawi is one of the best dumpsites on the Middle East level in regard to the environmental safety and the manner of casing.

He pointed out that Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) works on improving waste management through an integrated project with major phases: building two conversion plants in west and north of Amman to increase the effectiveness of waste collection and transportation in the best means possible, and implementing the third cell in the dumpsite, in addition to installing the technical capabilities needed to produce power, burning methane gas, and selling carbon units.

During the program “With the Mayor”, broadcasted on Hawa Amman FM, Maani said that the project will highly promote the waste management level, noting that Al Ghabawi dumpsite receives 1800 – 2500 tons of waste daily, from Amman city and other surrounding cities.

Maani stressed that there is constant cooperation and coordination between GAM and the Ministry of Environment, and that both sides transferred an investment proposal to a company of the private sector, associated with an international Italian company to dispose with medical wastes.

The Mayor further declared that the first phase of medical wastes of the private and public hospitals shall be removed within months. He pointed out that hospitals produce daily 8 tons of dangerous medical wastes that are transferred to the temporary burning site which will be established by the (Italian) company on a piece of land in Al Ghabawi allocated by GAM until the final burning site is finalized. 

Following up on the citizens’ notes raised in the program presented by Rozine Naber, the Mayor said that GAM will clean the yard next to Al Haddadeh tunnel within one week, which after exploration, appeared to contain 100 m3 of debris and wastes. He also mentioned that GAM teams will finish the mix works for a sidewalk and street in Shafa Badran region, and they will also remove a middle island in Al Qweismeh to be replaced with cement blocks.

He emphasized that GAM is currently installing benches in the park near Al Hussein Hospital for Cancer, preparing pedestrians’ pathways and signs after Marka circle, and will build pedestrians’ bridge before the employees’ office building of GAM upon conducting a study on the location.

The Mayor highlighted GAM’s initiatives and concentration on road safety, along with the private sector’s societies and Hikmat Road Safety, by building pedestrians’ bridges and updating the traffic status for 100 schools.

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