Mashreq organizes fundraising drive for Pakistan floods victims

Mashreq organizes fundraising drive for Pakistan floods victims
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Published August 29th, 2010 - 13:20 GMT

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Mashreq recently announced the launch of its annual Ramadan drive in association with the UAE Red Crescent Authority (RCA). The drive which is in its second year is part of Mashreq's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and in keeping staff with the spirit of Ramadan.

The Proceeds of the donation campaign are set to aid victims devastating flood victims of Pakistan's that hit the country recently. Campaign donations will also target other countries around the globe to supply them with food and clothes.

Mashreq located 12 drop-off points for employees to donate across its branches and offices, and created a current account to deposit the cash donations. Mashreq customers can also donate through MashreqOnline to RCA bank account and be part of this noble cause.

During the Holy month, RCA will be undertaking various programs to help orphans, widows and under-privileged families in many Arab and Muslim countries. As part of its corporate culture, Mashreq employees have already started heavily donating since the start of the drive, which is expected to be a success.

This drive comes during the Holy month, as it is the month of giving and sympathy, and the drive is directed to raise enough donations to help the ones in need. Mashreq staff has shown great interest by donating or encouraging other staff to participate in any possible way. The drive is anticipated to raise more proceeds this year.

Mashreq will hand over all donations to RCA towards the end of Ramadan to distribute to various locations around the globe, who are in dire need. 

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