A New Era in the Management of Diabetes Mellitus

Published November 25th, 2009 - 09:06 GMT

On the occasion of the World Diabetes Day which is held on November 14th every year, a press conference was held in the Intercontinental Hotel in Amman on November 15th , during which diabetes situation in the world in general and in Jordan in particular was discussed; it also highlighted the latest developments on the treatment of this chronic disease.

Three renowned diabetes specialists participated in the conference, namely, Professor Jiten Vora; Consultant Endocrinologist in the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Dr. Jihad Haddad; Head of Scientific Committee of the Jordanian Society of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Genetics and Dr. Nadim Jarrah; Head of Scientific Committee of the Jordanian Society for the Care of Diabetes. 

Professor Jiten Vora started the discussion by clarifying the seriousness of this disease and its spread in the short and long run, then he introduced the new medicine Galvus®, which is a new class of oral anti-diabetic agents that enhances the sensitivity of both - & ß- cells in the islet to produce insulin and partially impede glucagon in response to  high blood sugar levels thus achieving better glucose control.

The Professor also clarified that the advantages of this new drug is that it has a favorable side effect profile and almost no reports of severe low blood sugar levels or weight gain and that it is taken orally.

Dr. Jihad Haddad stressed on the importance of the awareness towards diabetes, and requested the media to play a major role in this mission by introducing this chronic disease, defining its symptoms and the best ways to deal with it. Addressing journalists and media representatives he said, "You represent the direct contact channel between us, the doctors on the one hand, and the diabetic patients on the other; we consider you as the active partners responsible for publicizing the correct scientific and medical information. Your help in enhancing the social education of this disease in simple and clear messages shall always be appreciated."

In the context, Dr. Nadim Jarrah discussed the situation of diabetes in Jordan; he seconded the Ministry of Health data indicating that there are almost more than 600,000 people suffering from diabetes, which represent 30% of the population aged over 30 years. Most targeted people are those above 40 years old, obese people, those who have diabetes diagnosed relatives, women giving birth to babies weighed more than 4kg, patients with high blood pressure, and people having high levels of fat in the blood.

In conclusion the three doctors reiterated that public awareness should be raised to face this dangerous disease which inflicts death on many people, and it was classified as the main death attributing disease in the world. The doctors recommended that once the disease is diagnosed, all necessary measurements and precautions shall be immediately taken, in addition to following a suitable diet, and regular exercise.  

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