Overcoming challenges: Jordan's journey through prominent obstacles

Published May 23rd, 2023 - 09:52 GMT
Overcoming challenges: Jordan's journey through prominent obstacles

ALBAWABA - Jordan, a Middle Eastern country renowned for its rich history and strategic location, has faced numerous challenges throughout the years. This report delves into the most prominent obstacles that Jordan has encountered and examines the country's resilience in overcoming them, especially that Jordan's 77th Independence Day approaches on Thursday.

Regional Turmoil and Conflict:

Jordan has been surrounded by regional conflicts, posing significant challenges to its stability and security. 

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Gulf Wars, and the ongoing conflicts in Syria and Iraq have had profound effects on Jordan.

 The influx of refugees, strained resources, security concerns, and economic burdens have tested the country's capacity to manage these complex situations.

Water Scarcity and Resource Management:

With limited water resources, Jordan faces severe water scarcity challenges. The country relies heavily on shared water sources, such as the Jordan River and underground aquifers, which are under increasing strain due to population growth and climate change.

 Jordan has implemented innovative water management strategies, including desalination projects, water conservation initiatives, and international collaborations, to address this critical issue.

Economic Challenges and Youth Unemployment:

High unemployment rates, particularly among the youth population, have been a persistent challenge for Jordan.

 Limited job opportunities, a skills mismatch, and a rapidly growing young population have posed significant obstacles to the country's economic development. 

Jordan has implemented economic reforms, promoted entrepreneurship, and sought foreign investments to stimulate job creation and enhance economic diversification.

Energy Dependence and Renewable Solutions:

Jordan heavily relies on energy imports, making it vulnerable to price fluctuations and geopolitical factors. 

The country has actively pursued renewable energy projects to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels and enhance energy security. 

Investments in solar and wind energy, as well as the establishment of the Ma'an Development Area, demonstrate Jordan's commitment to sustainable and clean energy solutions.


Refugee Crisis and Humanitarian Burden:

Jordan has shouldered a substantial burden as a host country for refugees fleeing regional conflicts, particularly from Syria.

The influx of refugees has strained resources, infrastructure, and social services. Jordan has displayed commendable hospitality and resilience, providing assistance to refugees while managing the socioeconomic challenges arising from the refugee crisis.


Jordan Independence Day, celebrated on May 25th of each year, marks the country's liberation and establishment as an independent nation.

On this significant day, Jordanians commemorate their freedom from colonial rule and honor the visionary leadership of the late King Abdullah I, who played a pivotal role in guiding the nation towards sovereignty.

It is a time of national pride and unity, where Jordanians reflect on their history, cultural heritage, and the progress achieved since gaining independence.

The day is marked with various festivities, including parades, fireworks, cultural events, and speeches by government officials, highlighting the achievements and aspirations of the Jordanian people.

Independence Day serves as a reminder of Jordan's commitment to self-determination, national development, and the pursuit of a prosperous future for its citizens.


Jordan's journey through various obstacles exemplifies its resilience and determination in navigating complex regional dynamics. 

Despite facing challenges such as regional conflicts, water scarcity, youth unemployment, energy dependence, and the refugee crisis, Jordan has displayed remarkable efforts in finding innovative solutions and forging ahead on the path of progress. 

Through strategic planning, international collaborations, and a resilient spirit, Jordan continues to overcome obstacles and strive towards a prosperous and sustainable future.


Written by ALBAWABA writer Razan Abdelhadi

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