Saddam praises Palestinian struggle; calls on Arab world to show solidarity

Published April 15th, 2002 - 02:00 GMT

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein chaired the 16th Iraqi Cabinet session on Sunday, during which the Arab and international situation as well as the Palestinian issue were reviewed. 


“Palestinians are valiant and deserve to [be] hailed … their steadfastness everyday and to hail their persistence on [the] Intifada against the Zionist entity till [the] liberation of Palestine”.  


“We call [on] Arab rulers to voice solidarity with the people of Palestine in accordance with the decisions of [the] Beirut Arab Summit.  


“Arabs’ solidarity with the Palestinian cause is the maximum degree of democracy, because they are watching the entire Arab people in all Arab countries stand with the people of Palestine and …[the] courageous Intifada. The Arab people everywhere want… rulers to stand with the people of Palestine,” President Saddam Hussein said, according to the official Iraq News Agency INA. 


“Iraq’s proposal,” President Hussein added, “submitted during the Arab League Council meeting for representatives in Cairo, [on] April 2, which Iraq presented during the foreign Arab ministers meeting in Cairo, [on] April 6, is still valid and constitutes the minimum effective degree for unity of [the] Arab stance.” 


The News Agency added that the said Iraqi proposal included within it six items, and elaborated: the withdrawal from cooperation with the so-called idea of “combating terrorism”, a total economic boycott against the United States, including stopping Arab oil, closing Zionist embassies throughout Arab capitals, supporting the Palestinian Intifada with all sorts of weapons, primarily anti-tank weapons, offering generous and immediate support to the Palestinians and allowing Arab volunteers to enter Palestine. 


Furthermore, according to the official INA, Iraqi President Hussein hailed the moral spirit of the Palestinian strugglers. 


“The Palestinians’ morale is high and they are determined to resist”.  


“…the people in Jenin, men, children, elderly and women, deserve a special salute from us for the great epic they achieved in defending the Arab honor and sanctuaries against the criminal Zionist invasion,” the President added. ( 

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