Sami Yusuf’s new single ‘You Came to Me’ released

Published August 24th, 2009 - 01:10 GMT

Sami Yusuf’s new single ‘You Came to Me’ released

Free download available to the fans of the British Muslim singer on Yusuf’s official website during Ramadan

Sami Yusuf, the British singer renowned for his mainstream Islamic music recently launched his latest single ‘You Came to Me’ through a worldwide web release to commemorate the holy month of Ramadan.

The Azeri descent musician is renowned for composing and singing songs that are infused with the sentiments of Islam and Muslims across the world in addition to accentuating the various global social and humanitarian issues. Sami’s revolutionary music promotes the message of love and peace in a very unique style that merges the Western and Eastern worlds.

“When I first started composing and song-writing, there was simply no market for my music. Sitting there at the piano or violin, I never considered whether it was brave or stupid to create music no-one had ever created before, in a genre that didn’t exist, to a market which had never bought a pop record before but it was just real to me, it was truthful and came from my heart”, Sami said in a speech delivered at Roehampton University in South-West London in July, on being awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the university for his contribution to music.

Sami’s lyrics speak about his love for his religion and its tolerant teachings, with the aim of promoting a true and unprejudiced picture of Islam throughout the world. And while his songs praise traditional values like parental devotion and compassion for the old, his videos are modern, slick and cosmopolitan; set in the streets of London, Istanbul, Delhi and Cairo. Sami effortlessly shifts from singing in English to Farsi, Turkish, Arabic, Bosnian and Urdu, making his music and his message accessible to a younger generation of Muslims, and people devoted to peace the world over.

Judging by his success so far, Sami’s music has really enthralled his fans. Since 2003, Sami’s first two albums have sold over five million copies worldwide and his third album which includes ‘You Came to Me’ is nearing completion. Sami has played to capacity crowds across the world, including a concert attended by a staggering 250,000 fans in Istanbul.

Emphasizing on the great personal significance of the track and the relevance of the message that it delivers to the Ramadan season, Sami is hopeful that his fans will enjoy the new track. “I wrote the words and music in the early hours of November 23, 2008 at a time when I was feeling lots of different emotions – loss, betrayal, hurt, frustration. At that very moment it occurred to me how truly blessed I am to be the slave of the One, and in an instant my journey to Him unfolded in front of me. This song is an encapsulation of that moment. I pray for a blessed and rewarding Ramadan for us all”, said Sami in his official blog.

Fans and supporters can download the new single for free exclusively from Sami Yusuf’s official website throughout the month of Ramadan. The track was released in four versions – English (Main), English-Arabic, English-Farsi, and English-Turkish.

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