Samsung Offers Smartphone Users Added Convenience Functionality with Islamic Apps This Ramadan

Published August 29th, 2010 - 01:01 GMT

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, today announced the launch of a dozen customized Islamic apps for smartphones.

The suite of applications includes a Prayer Time calculator that shows official prayer times in over 400 cities and the only mobile Quran that is certified by Al Azhar. The applications can be downloaded for free and can be used across a variety of mobile phone platforms including Android, and Samsung's own Bada operating system.

The new applications are available to users of Android, Bada and Java-based phones who can download them via shortcuts to the Samsung's App Store. Bada smartphone users can also download the applications directly from the App Store ( Users with online access through Wi-Fi or 3G can also use the built-in RSS Readers on their Galaxy S and Wave handsets to update the Al Bayan application with the latest Islamic and regional news.

"The smartphone has become a ubiquitous part of day-to-day life and it seems only fitting that it plays an important role during the month of Ramadan," said Yongjoon Kim Head of Mobile Phones at Samsung Electronics MENA Head Quarters. "Ramadan is the holiest month in the Islamic calendar and we are keen to offer our customers the added functionality of Islamic smartphone applications. These applications allow users access to a large amount of practical content, especially Ramadaniat application will provide full descriptions of Ramadan activities like Seyamand Taraweeh which is particularly relevant to the Holy Month"

The new range of applications includes:

· A Hijri calendar that integrates with the smartphone's calendar, and shows Islamic and national holidays.

· A Prayer Time calculator that shows official prayer times in over 400 cities with multiple Adhan voices. The application also shows the position of the Qibla to the user

· A Mobile Quran application that is Al-Azhar certified and features popular Ottoman calligraphy.

· An Al-Doaa application that shows Doaas and Ahadith Qudsaya organized by situation with comprehensive explanations on origins and benefits

· The Al-Sebha application which shows popular morning and nightly Tasabeeh with explanations

· An Al-Sunna application which automatically indexes all Muhammed Sunnahs for different situations and explains the rewards of each Sunna

· The Al-Bayan application keeps users updated on the latest Islamic and regional news with regional and Islamic RSS feeds

· A Hajj & Umra Daily guide which features step-by-step explanations of all the rituals and deeds.

· The Tazkerah application notifies users when and how many times to recite the Zikr while explaining the benefits and origins of each Zikr

· The 99 Names application shows the 99 Divine names in beautiful graphics accompanied with explanations of their meaning

· The Zakaty is an interactive Zakah calculator accompanied by explanations and Esnad.

· The Ramadaniat application contains a full description of Ramadan activities

Currently the applications can be downloaded and used on a variety of Samsung smartphones including the Galaxy S, Wave and Java based models like Champ (C3303K). 

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