Tkiyet Um Ali Launches Ramadan Campaign “A Decent Iftar at Home for a Decent Family”

Tkiyet Um Ali Launches Ramadan Campaign “A Decent Iftar at Home for a Decent Family”
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Published August 11th, 2010 - 09:05 GMT

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Tkiyet Um Ali

As part of its charity programs during the holy month of Ramadan, Tkiyet Um Ali officially launched "A Decent Iftar at Home for a Decent Family," a pioneering program designed by the organization to fully address the needs of thousands of underprivileged families residing across the Kingdom.

"A Decent Iftar at Home" aims to value the decency and forbearance of these families, preserve their dignity, and more importantly, draw a long-awaited smile on their faces by easing the burdens of financial responsibility. The provision of a full Iftar meal is allocated to families that meet the campaign's specific criteria, the meals being delivered to the families in question before the sunset prayer calls via the campaign's car and bus fleet.

Remarking on the launch, Director General of Tkiyet Um Ali, Mahmoud Saif Al-Sharif said: "The campaign comes in line with the traditions of benevolence and generosity in our Jordanian society, the members of which greatly esteem the dignity of needy families by not exposing them to the option of actually leaving the house to ask for food for their Iftar."

"One of the core objectives of 'A Decent Iftar at Home' is to relieve the distress of those families during a month that usually comes with grave financial burdens, thereby carrying a meaningful message of social unity and human solidarity. It will also be a part of a series of campaigns to be launched by Tkiyet Um Ali throughout the holy month of Ramadan."

"A Decent Iftar at Home" targets donations from individuals and corporations so as to collect the cost of meals as well as the delivery expenses to the families' homes. The campaign plans to provide an Iftar meal for a fasting person at home for one day, one week, or one month, the cost of a single meal being 2.75 JDs. With the help of generous donations from Jordanians, Tkiyet Um Ali plans to provide Iftar for over 13,000 needy families in the comfort of their own homes in most governorates across the Kingdom. 

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