Tkiyet Um Ali Launches Ramadan Campaign “Be a Caretaking Sponsor for a Decent Family”

Tkiyet Um Ali Launches Ramadan Campaign “Be a Caretaking Sponsor for a Decent Family”
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Published August 29th, 2010 - 09:12 GMT

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August 2010-With the approach of the fourth week of Ramadan, Tkiyet Um Ali has successfully launched its "Be a Monthly Caretaker for Decent Family" campaign in a pioneering charity program that aims to address the needs of thousands of underprivileged families who reside in different governorates across the Kingdom.

The campaign will maintain its program after Ramadan, and target monthly as well as half-yearly support for decent families, during which period families will be provided with food packages that contain 26 basic food items to ensure a healthy and nutritious support for all members of the family in question. In line with a planned strategy, the campaign also aims to extend public support for the poor, in an effort to value and preserve the decency of the poor and the disadvantaged.

Remarking on the launch, Director General of Tkiyet Um Ali Mahmoud Saif Al-Sharif said: "This campaign reflects the core values of social solidarity in lending the help and support of the well-off public to those who truly need it. Tkiyet Um Ali plans to provide food packages to over 4500 poor families in all months of the year, and not strictly during Ramadan. The holy month certainly reflects the spirit of generosity and it is for this reason that we have extended our efforts in Ramadan by launching this campaign as well as many others."

The caretaking sponsor can support a needy family with their basic food needs through a monthly payment between 30 and 70 JDs, depending on the situation and needs of the family. Caretakers can also give payments in advance for the yearly or half-yearly food support. In this regard, Tkiyet Um Ali capitalizes on its tax exemption to maximize mileage on donations for the benefit of poor families: a 1 JD donation being in effect a 1.35 JD donation.

Tkiyet Um Ali provides caretakers with periodical reports that fully outline the situation of the family that has been provided with the monthly food support. In case the family's circumstance have improved, it is possible to shift the monthly food supply to another family in need. Tkiyet Um Ali's SMS service also notifies the caretaker whenever the food package is delivered to his sponsored family. 

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