Published July 12th, 2006 - 11:24 GMT

Hide the beer. Get the professors some earplugs. And lock down the sorority houses. At 17, Tommy Lee's education came to halt when he left high school to "rock the planet" with the heavy metal band The Motley Crue. Up until 1999 the band sold millions of records and toured the world many times. Tommy has been married to Heather Locklear, Elaine Irwin Bergen and Pamela Anderson, who is the mother of his children. Now, cameras are following the former Mötley Crüe drummer as he hits the books at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and from the 19th July Tommy Lee Is Going to College and you can join him every Wednesday on TV Land exclusively on the Showtime network.

After living the fast life for two decades, at the age of 42, twice divorced and the single father of two boys, Lee could buy sports cars and date young women in a mid-life crisis. But Lee wants something different that money can't buy - academic redemption.
And there are some lines even rock bad boy Tommy Lee won't cross, like cheating on tests. "Nothing really shocks me, but I was a little blown away at how a couple times, in one of my classes, these guys were just full-blown cheating on their tests. That ain't cool," proclaims the Motley Crue drummer.
We also see Tommy finds a roommate, try out for the marching band, crams for exams and parties with the other students. Lee says the experience wasn't anything like he expected. "When I got there, I realized I really had to study and I really had to work at getting into the drumline," says Lee, a high school dropout. "They weren't just going to let me in because of who I am. I had to pass."
Though Lee was certain his classes in physics and chemistry would be difficult as a professional drummer for 25 years he didn't expect to have a problem making the band. That, however, was not the case. "It certainly was difficult. It took me a couple of days to refresh my memory on how to read sheet music again. I almost didn't make it I wasn't prepared for that."
Although Lee can't reveal his marks, he says his college experience was a success. While in school, he opened his own fraternity - The House of Lee, made several long-lasting friendships and proved to himself, and hopefully to viewers, he isn't just another dumb rocker. "I feel like people are really going to get to know me and maybe it will dispel a bunch of the nonsense preconceived judgments and notions about myself.
So, who is the real Lee? And, has he found a new love of reading since his days at college?
Tommy Lee Goes to College premieres on Showtime’s TV Land on the 19th July with two episodes beginning at 20:00 KSA.


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