Topaz Engineering partners with DuPont Sustainable Solutions to achieve world-class safety standards

Topaz Engineering partners with DuPont Sustainable Solutions to achieve world-class safety standards
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Published August 23rd, 2010 - 10:16 GMT

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Topaz Engineering, a market leader in engineering services in the United Arab Emirates, has begun to collaborate with DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) in order to achieve world-class safety standards.

This undertaking involves the coaching of all Topaz Engineering supervisors as well as representatives from top management. Approximately 300 personnel will undertake comprehensive, behavior-based training that focuses on safety observations and the management of on-going dialogue with employees to encourage safe work practices.

As the engineering division of the Topaz Group, Topaz Engineering provides services ranging from fabrication and construction to marine repair, ship-building and maintenance. With 5,000 employees and operational bases throughout the Middle East and Central Asia, Topaz Engineering has a diverse portfolio of clients including global shipping companies, major oil and gas producers, as well as regionally based companies.

Topaz continuously strives for an incident-free workplace and believes that this vision can be achieved through an uncompromising approach to safety. The DuPont engagement is an integral part of Topaz management's commitment to constantly and consistently improve its safety management system to ensure the safety of employees, processes and equipments.

According to Bill Bayliss, COO of Topaz Engineering, "DuPont is globally recognized as one of the safest companies in the world. Based on its know-how, expertise and established methodologies gained from advising hundreds of manufacturing companies worldwide, we trust DuPont can provide our company with solutions to help us achieve world-class safety standards."

Wael Mansour, Project Manager at DuPont Sustainable Solutions Training Solutions, Middle East believes that "this is a challenging project considering the different types of activities within Topaz. The full commitment and high level of enthusiasm across the organization, from top management down to shop-level workforce, are key drivers that allow Topaz Engineering to implement the right changes in order to achieve best practices."

DuPont Sustainable Solutions is a partner of choice for key industries throughout the Middle East. Using its own experience in implementing effective safety programs as an owner/operator, DuPont Sustainable Solutions is in a unique position to help others in their journey to safety excellence. DSS has been operating in the region for over 10 years, and have successfully assisted companies with safety, operations and environmental challenges.

As accidents and injuries in the workplace have remained startlingly common in countries experiencing rapid industrialization, it is vital that companies improve safety performance by embracing safety as a core value. DuPont Sustainable Solutions is proud to facilitate progress towards the greater goal of reducing human suffering and societal cost related to injuries and accidents in the workplace. 

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