Tunisia approves groundbreaking anti-corruption bill

Published June 17th, 2016 - 08:00 GMT
A meeting of the Tunisian parliament. (AFP/File)
A meeting of the Tunisian parliament. (AFP/File)

The final version of the bill on exposure of corruption and whistleblower protection was approved Wednesday by the Cabinet meeting.

In a statement released Thursday, the Ministry of Public Service, Governance and Fight against Corruption, initiator of the bill, said it has put in place innovative and unprecedented measures that have nothing to envy to those of developed countries, citing the UK.

"The measures contained in the bill will not only criminalize corruption and prosecute the corrupt but also strengthen prevention," said Minister of Public Service Kamel Ayadi.

The bill stipulates the establishment of a mandatory policy of prevention, punishment of any responsibility in case of non-compliance with this measure, besides the implementation of benefits and incentives for institutions that accept, spontaneously, the use of mechanisms for prevention and fight against corruption.

The bill, which consists of 47 articles divided into five chapters, aims to fight against corruption, strengthen citizens’ confidence in government and private companies and encourages their participation in the development and implementation of policies against corruption.

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