UAE statement at UNSC

Published May 4th, 2002 - 02:00 GMT

The UAE strongly criticised the retraction of the U.N. Security Council from implementing some of its resolutions and the failure of some of its members and its Secretariat General in forcing Israel to implement compulsory resolutions.  


This came in a statement by Abdul Aziz bin Nasser Al Shamsi, the UAE permanent representative at the United Nations, during the open session of the Security Council, which was held late Friday in response to the request of Arab countries to discuss the latest developments in occupied Palestine, especially the issue of Jenin camp incidents, WAM reported.  


"Our meeting today embodies the international concern about the Security Council's way in handling one of the most dangerous and harmful developments dealing with the oldest and the most complicated issue on its agenda. This issue is Israeli occupation of the state of Palestine and the continuation of the Middle East problem despite the adoption of many related resolutions recently which were written and adopted by countries which enjoy permanent membership at the U.N., especially the United States and Britain. These resolutions called for the full withdrawal of Israel from all Palestinian cities and villages which had been re-occupied by Israel, the lifting of the siege on the Church of Nativity, the allowance of axis of human assistance supplies and international relief organisations to Palestinian territories and the co-operation with the fact-finding committee which has been set up by the U.N. Secretary General to find out the crimes of war committed in the Jenin Camp. The international community, however, was unfortunately surprised that these countries were the first to impose a kind of retreat in what concerns the implementation of these resolutions and the failure to convince Israel to abide by international resolutions," Al Shamsi said.

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