30 years after disappearance, woman found alive

Published March 6th, 2023 - 12:42 GMT
Missing woman

ALBAWABA - An American woman who had been missing for thirty years, until her family thought she was dead, was found alive in a nursing home.

Patricia Kopta, 83, was found alive in a nursing home in Puerto Rico, after she had been missing for 30 years.

She was last seen in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1992.

Since that time, her relatives have been trying to search for her, until they thought she had died, given that all their attempts to find her have been unsuccessful.

It is said that the woman had been diagnosed with some mental illnesses before her disappearance, which led to her escape so she would not be inserted into the mental clinic.

Kopta was accepted in the residential aged care as a needy person because of her suffering from dementia, seven years after she disappeared.

She was found after providing doubtful information to workers in the care house last year, prompting the nursing home to contact the authorities in Pennsylvania to inquire about her real identity.

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