‘Afghan Women Don’t Need Western Defenders’; Another Protest Challenges Taliban

Published September 5th, 2021 - 06:27 GMT
women protest in Kabul
Several protests have been organized by women across Afghanistan since the Taliban takeover. (HOSHANG HASHIMI/AFP) 

In less than a month since the Taliban took over most of Afghanistan, including the capital city of Kabul, Afghan women have successfully organized yet another protest in the streets, challenging the group's militants who were watching closely.

Amid fears that the extremist group will reimpose strict rules on women in Afghanistan, similar to the ones applied during the 1990s, Afghan women have been staging protests in several parts of the country demanding that the new government to respect their rights and maintain their places in public life.

During the second protest which was organized on Friday, the 3rd of September, dozens of Afghan women marched through a neighborhood in Kabul, with most of their faces showing as they voicing out their demands in both Dari and English.

While most of the protest went on peacefully, the Taliban militants fired tear gas at the protest as it was heading towards the presidential palace.

Moreover, a delegation of female leaders in Herat city to the west of Afghanistan had reportedly requested a meeting with the governor, during which they expressed their concerns and demands that their rights to education and work are maintained under the new government.

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