Albawaba highlights fake content shared during earthquake

Published February 9th, 2023 - 05:16 GMT

ALBAWABA - Since the deadly earthquake that hit Syria and Turkey on Monday morning, multiple fake contents; videos, photos and information, emerged online. Albawaba highlights the ones which emerged the most on social media. 

On Monday morning, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake stroke Syria and southern Turkey killing at least 14,351in Turkey and 3,162 others in Syria.

1. Tsunami Hits Turkey Shore

A Facebook post showing a Tsunami, hitting a coastal city and appearing to either destroy or completely submerge beachside buildings, was said to be taken in Turkey following the earthquake. However, the original video was taken in Indonesia in 2018.

2. Ronaldo sends a message to Syrians

A video of famous Portuguese football player Cristiano Ronaldo sending a message to Syrians was widely shared online with captions that it's a new Cristiano message to Syrians after the deadly earthquake. However, the video is an old one for kids in Syria.

3. Birds acting strange before earthquake

A video was shared on Reddit with the caption "Birds acting weird just before the earthquake in Turkey," received over 18,400 upvotes. According to sources, the time and date of the video posted on Reddit were not able to be detected not that it captured the activity of birds just before the earthquake struck in Turkey or Syria, or if it was filmed in the same area affected by the natural disaster.

4. Jordanian rescue team photos

Two photos showing Jordanian rescue team workers said to be in Turkey and Syria are both old photos dating back to 2022 of rescue workers; the first was during the rescue operation of a young girl in Jordan's Dead Sea, and the second one was taken in September 2022 at the site of a collapsed residential building in the Jordanian capital, Amman.

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