"Aliens are real": Turkey's UFO-shaped cloud stirs debate

Published January 21st, 2023 - 07:45 GMT
UFO-shaped cloud
UFO-shaped cloud in Bursa, Turkey. (Twitter)

ALBAWABA - Many videos and photos were shared online showing a UFO-shaped cloud over the sky of Bursa, Turkey, on Jan. 19. The cloud confused many who started to debate whether it was a natural phenomenon, sent by aliens or man-made.

The huge cloud, which appeared in the early hours of Thursday morning and featured a large hole in the middle, remained for about an hour before disappearing.

Some people on social media claimed that the cloud might indicate the presence of aliens claiming that this is considered a good hint to believe in their existence.

A group of other people said that this is a bizarre, rare natural phenomenon as this is not the first time a cloud with a weird shape appears in the sky.

A person commented saying it might be a man-made cloud. However, nothing official or scientific has been made to explain the phenomenon of the UFO-shaped cloud which appeared in Turkey.

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