'Amhara Genocide': What is Happening in Ethiopia?

Published June 27th, 2022 - 10:30 GMT
Amhara Genocide
A pilgrim holds a candle during the celebration of Genna, the Ethiopian Orthodox Christmas, at Saint Mary's Church, in Lalibela, home to a UNESCO world heritage site, 645 kilometres (400 miles) north of Addis Ababa, in the Amhara region bordering the northern region of Tigray on January 7, 2022. (Photo by EDUARDO SOTERAS / AFP)
Around 19,867,817 Amhara individuals were living in Ethiopia in 2007.

Unconfirmed reports revealed that at least 1600 people were killed on June 19 in Wollega Province in western Ethiopia by Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), an ethnic group in Ethiopia, in what was called the 'Amhara Genocide'.

Survivors claimed that so far 900 people, from 1600 who were killed, were buried till this moment as they called international human rights groups to open their eyes and speak up to raise awareness about what is truly happening in Welega province and urged NGOs to take actions against the oppression they are facing every day.

Amhara people have also accused the OLF forces which are backed by the Ethiopian government forces headed by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmad of being responsible for the massacre called the Amhara Genocide.

Several protests were held in various countries in the world in support of the Amhara people against the injustice situation they are facing as people raised the Ethiopian national flags and carried out banners reading: "Stop State-sponsored Genocide of Amhara people in Ethiopia and The Ethiopian gov has the blood of innocent Amharas on its hands".

Online users shared the horrific details of what happened on July 19th using hashtags "#AmharaGenocide and #StateSponsoredAmharaGenocide" with the aim to transmit the truth about that day with the hope it reaches human rights organizations to involve them and pressure them for action in stopping continued hate crimes committed against the Amhara people.

Furthermore, protests have taken place inside Ethiopia condemning the Amhara Genocide; Students of Woldia University marched inside the university campus against the attacks against the Amhara people.

According to allegations by local residents and witnesses, OLF forces are still committing crimes in Wollega Province targeting the Amhara people and urging the international community not to stay silent in face of violent attacks against the small ethnic group in Ethiopia.

On the other hand, some social media users have shared other unconfirmed videos showing Amhara forces attacking people of Oromo civilians in Wollo, Chefa Robit.

Who are the Amhara people:

Amhara people are a Semitic-speaking ethnic group that is indigenous to Ethiopia, traditionally inhabiting parts of the northwest Highlands of Ethiopia, particularly inhabiting the Amhara Region.

Statics showed that as of the 2007 national census, around 19,867,817 Amhara individuals were living in Ethiopia comprising 26.9% of the country's population, and they are mostly Oriental Orthodox Christian.

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