Batman and Spiderman Seen on Video While Roaming Around Egypt

Published December 15th, 2020 - 07:43 GMT
Batman and Spiderman Seen on Video While Roaming Around Egypt
Social media users widely shared the videos of "the superheroes' visit to their country". (Al Bawaba)

It seems that the wonders of 2020 are not over yet. Only two weeks before the end of the year, and videos have flooded social media showing Batman and Spider-Man walking and driving around the Egyptian capital, with amused people greeting them and taking photos with them.

A number of videos taken from different parts of Cairo have depicted people dressed in superhero attire as they explore the Egyptian capital.

Several videos have followed a man in Batman costume driving a vehicle very similar to the well-known Batmobile. In a video that was reportedly taken near The 6th of October City near Cairo, Batman greeted the person who was filming him humorously "welcoming him" to the city.

Translation: "What is going on in Egypt, people? I'll be waiting for Spiderman."

Another video showed Batman in a historic street in Cairo, one that is considered a tourist attraction, as people stopped to take photos with him.

Spiderman too seemed to live a normal Egyptian routine, as one of the videos showed him having a traditional beans breakfast by a car, before helping an elderly woman cross one of the city's streets.

Even though it's hard to verify whether all videos were captured recently, especially as a previous appearances of Spiderman and Batman in the country as part of a photography project had caused a similar online fuss in 2014, social media users widely shared the videos of what they considered "the superheroes' visit to their country," celebrating yet another weird scene of the year 2020.

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