British Media Reveals New Details On Princess Haya Whereabouts

Published July 2nd, 2019 - 11:07 GMT
Princess Haya, sister of Jordan's King at the FEI General Assembly 2012 (
Princess Haya, sister of Jordan's King at the FEI General Assembly 2012 (


Latest reports in the British and German media over Dubai’s Princess Haya bint Hussein’s whereabouts confirm she is currently in London seeking a divorce from her husband, Dubai’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid.

On Monday, the London-based Guardian has published a report claiming a legal battle is ongoing as a result of Princess Haya, sister of Jordan’s King Abdullah, escape from Sheikh Mohammed.

According to anonymous reports, Dubai has made a request to the UK to return the runaway princess back to Dubai while she is believed to have been concerned about her personal safety.

Later on, the Berlin-based Deutsche Welle (DW) news website has also cited David Haigh, a British lawyer, confirming Princess Haya is currently staying in London.

Haigh is known for his activism on the Princess Latifa story. Princess Latifa was Sheikh Mohammed’s daughter who has earlier attempted to escape the UAE to start a new life with the help of foreign friends. She was eventually forced to return to Dubai and has disappeared from public view since.

According to Haigh, Princess Haya is believed to seek London where she has close relations with the British royal family. She also owns a house worth £85 million near the Kensington Palace.

Rumors of Princess Haya's escape have been swirling the internet for the past few weeks as she was believed to seek asylum in Germany. However, the latest reports confirmed she is in London amid lack of official confirmation or denial from both the Jordanian and Emirati royal families.

Princess Haya, who got married to Dubai’s ruler in 2004 to become his sixth wife, was known for accompanying her husband to sporting events as both of them had horses running in the Duke of Edinburgh Stakes. Recently, her husband was seen by himself at Ascot Racecourse which caught the attention of people.

The fact that Princess Haya is not the first member of Sheikh Mohammed’s family to attempt an escape has got human rights activists and social media users worried. It raises speculations over the reasons that prompt women in Sheikh Mohammed’s family to escape.

This led people to circulate speculations over the connection between Princess Haya and Ireland's former president, Mary Robinson, and whether the latter is involved in the princess’ escape. This comes after Robinson was reportedly involved in the Princess Latifa story that broke out in the media in May 2018.

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