CIA ad calls Russians to spy for US

Published May 16th, 2023 - 10:49 GMT
CIA ad
CIA released an ad calling Russians to spy for the U.S. (CIA/ Twitter)

ALBAWABA - The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has recently released an advertisement on its social media platforms urging Russians to spy for the United States.

The CIA ad aims to recruit more Russians, who are against President Vladimir Putin's policies to join the U.S. and leak information about Russia. 

CIA ad, deliberated in the Russian language, carried the message: "Почему я пошел на контакт с ЦРУ: мое решение, which means Why I made contact with the CIA: my decision."

CNN reported that the CIA posted the video mainly on Telegram since it is considered a highly popular source of "unfiltered news in Russia."

In the video, the CIA ad contained very detailed and specified information telling Russians who are upset with Putin's policies and living conditions in Moscow how to get in touch with the CIA. 

The video triggered wide controversy online as some people criticized the weak spoken-Russian language in the CIA ad and said that the intelligence should have got a native Russian speaker rather than an American who is familiar with the language.

On the other hand, some claimed that the CIA ad could be a trap and that Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service may easily determine those who try to spy for the U.S. as well as some social media users claimed that the connection between the CIA and Russian spies "couldn't be safe and can be easily intervened."

A person commented: "For good people. who wants to make a difference." Another added: "if you are looking for those that can translate Russian just say so..."

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