Conservatives urge Disney boycott for gay character

Published November 20th, 2022 - 08:59 GMT
Strange World
Disney's Strange World animation. (Twitter/ )

ALBAWABA - A gay character in Disney's 'Strange World' movie has caused a wave of criticism among people, especially among Christain conservatives who demanded an international boycott of the giant American mass media company.

Disney's Strange World is an adventure/animation movie which will be released on Nov. 23. It's been confirmed by Disney that it will feature a gay romance in the story triggering wide reactions on social media.

One Million Moms (OMM) announced to boycott Disney after the movie premier showed an LGBTQ+ character. A small clip showing a boy flirting with another was released in June drawing backlashes by OMM which said: "Obviously, this part of the movie is a nod to inclusivity, along with a blatant attempt by Disney to normalize a same-sex crush."

A Twitter user said that they are not only boycotting the film but they are also calling to cut off Disney. Another reacted by saying: "Just don't watch it. These people are the worst."

Disney received wide criticism as some said that this movie will be mainly watched by kids and should not promote LGBTQ+. According to sources, Disney’s "Strange World" features the first openly gay teenager.

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